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WO Media Sales - Quick Tips
We have created these quick reference documents that will show you how to do simple things like RTF Comments, Changing spot lengths and pulling simple research reports.
The information on this page and in these documents are confidential and proprietary to WideOrbit Inc. and WO Media Sales clients.
Available Training - Signup for AE 101 - Intro to Avails and Plans Available Training - Signup for AE 201 - Advanced Tips
Available Training - Signup for Research 101 Campaigns - Avails and Packages for New Users
Campaigns - Check Your Proposal XML Campaigns - Competitive Avails
Campaigns - Digital Orders Campaigns - How to Create an Avail with Tiered Rates
Campaigns - Negotiating Program Details Campaigns - Reach And Frequency
Campaigns - Selling Against Cable Campaigns - Universe Definitions
Data - Live+1 Local Monthlies and Local Dailies Data Change Data - Nielsen Impact Data for Diary Markets
Data - Using Comscore Data in WO Media Sales 6.9.2 Enhanced EC - Inventory Mapping
Enhanced EC - Quick Start Guide Enhanced EC - Welcome to Enhanced EC
General - Comscore Custom Target Area Demographics General - Error Messages
General - Historical Rates in 6.9.1 General - New Nielsen Book
General - RD Training Guide General - Rounding in WO Media Sales
General - Send Using WO Media Agency AE to Buyer General - Summary Definitions
General - Time Blocks for AEs General - Using the Release Notes Tool
Inventory - Aggregate Programs Inventory - Backup Your TV Inventory
Inventory - Basic Estimating for WO Media Sales Inventory - Internet Inventory
Inventory - Manage Inventory Inventory - Static Average Books
Posting - Delivery Dashboard Posting - Post Breaks
Posting - Post Breaks Rounding in WO Media Sales Posting - Posting Guide
Posting - Spots Airing 2a-5a Notice Regarding Possible Posting Issue Posting - Start of Day
Rate Card - ShareBuilder Rates in WO Media Sales Research - Audience Flow
Research - Frequently Used Reports Research - Overnights Multi-Day Grid
Research - Report Builder Quick Num System Setup - Adding a Logo to the System
System Setup - Adding a New User System Setup - Adding Additional Spot Lengths
Technical - Hardware and Software Requirements